About us

The Lake Miyagase Boat Club (LMBC) started as a voluntary association in 2002, and was certified as a Japanese non-profit organization (NPO) in 2003.

The LMBC is dedicated to support and promote a rowing community on and around Lake Miyagase.

Although many of our club members used to be members of college crews and are quite enthusiastic about rowing, the LMBC is focused more on meeting the expectations of recreational rowers rather than elite athletes.



About Lake Miyagase

Lake Miyagase is a new man-made lake complete with a huge dam which was completed only in year 2000. On the water, you can enjoy an unbroken stretch of water course over 2 miles.

Unspoiled, the lake is nestled in the northern slope of the Tanzawa Mountains in Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. The beauty of fresh green leaves in spring and colored leaves in autumn is quite enticing. The scenery is, of course, better when viewed from the boat slicing the calm surface of the lake.


Rowing programs at LMBC

In addition to hosting annual regattas in spring and autumn, we offer rowing programs for novices and recreational rowers. We meet regularly on Saturdays.

Beginners with no prior rowing experience are welcomed. Meet our club members who themselves picked up rowing as a novice at the LMBC.

Rowing is suited for all people, junior or senior, male or female. So, come enjoy the wind and waves and the rhythm of body movement.

The annual club membership fee is 3,000 yen. But, you do not have to be a member to row. You can row as a visitor. We charge only 600 yen for a half day’s outing per person.



About the Club Boat

The LMBC has under its control eights (8+), fours (4+ and 4-), quadruples (4x+ and 4x-), double sculls (2x) and a single scull (1x) as well as four-oared training boats.




The lake is accessible from the Tokyo-Yokohama metropolitan area by car in about an hour or two depending on where you live. Partly using rail transportation and then car-pooling at a convenient rail station is a popular means of transportation for those who hate the urban gridlock of cars.




Call Michio Momose at 070-4302-8286 

Or, send him an e-mail to